14 January 2014

Kisscut by Karin Slaughter

Grant County Series, book #2

My rating: 2 stars

I'm a little torn about this book..overall I liked the story but if I linger a little more on its parts there are a lot of things that didn't convince me.

One of the biggest problems, I'm sad to say, is the main characters: Sara, Jeffrey and Lena. They're not very likeable and it's very difficult for me to sympathize with them and theirs problems; also theirs attitude are often quite erratic which doesn't facilitate any understanding between them and the reader (or me in this case). Jeffrey, for example, in the same day describe Sara pretty much as a an ugly and sloppy woman since she put on a comfy dress for work (he couldn't get it up the night before and it was obviously Sara's fault with hers 'hairy legs'..) and as a wonderful and 'oh so beautiful one' in the evening since she put on a sexy dress for him!

Even overlooking my slight dislike for the main characters, I had also some problems with the storyline.
Obviously the subject it's not an easy one and the author's brutal writing style doesn't help...still this is not what I'm complaining about.
I criticize instead the author's strategy to arise, at the beginning of the story, some very heavy questions that in the end are not going to be answered in a satisfying way. It seems indeed a strategy to capture the reader's attention from the very first chapter and there wouldn't be anything wrong about it if the author was prepared to handle these elements giving a satisfactory explanation of these facts at the end of the book...unfortunately this wasn't the case and, in the end, I was a little disappointed with the solution offered.

01 January 2014

2014 Reading Challenge

 2014 GR Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge:
150 books

Let's try again! Last year I really come close to complete it the same challenge (146/150) but in the end I didn't do it...we'll see if this year I'll be successful!